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Coronavirus positive cases in India rise to 84, confirms Health Ministry

The number of positive Covid-19 cases in India now stands at 84, the health ministry informed on Saturday.

More than 4000 people who came in contact with the 84 coronavirus positive people are under surveillance.

Seven people who had tested positive for coronavirus, including one from Rajasthan, one from Delhi and five from Uttar Pradesh, were discharged after treatment, the health ministry said.

The health ministry also informed that an Air India flight will be sent to Milan on Saturday to evacuate stranded Indian students.

“A Mahan Air flight bringing back Indian passengers from Iran will land in Mumbai on Saturday midnight. A special Air India flight is being sent to Milan in Italy on Saturday to bring back Indian students,” said Sanjeeva Kumar, Special Secretary, Ministry of Health.

Two people have died of the coronavirus in India so far. According to the ministry of health, both the cases had underlying medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma etc. that aggravated their condition.

The central government declared Covid-19 as a ‘national disaster’ on Saturday, announcing one time ex-gratia of Rs 4 lakh to the families of those died due to the coronavirus.

“Keeping in view that spread of COVID-19 virus in India the declaration of it as pandemic by World Health Organisation, the Central government has decided to treat it as a notified disaster and announced to provide assistance under State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF),” the Ministry of Home Affairs said in a letter to states and union territories, according to news agency IANS.

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Aman Samachar

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Aman Samachar

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